Significance of authenticity in meat and meat products in Iran

Tahereh Rezazadeh, Khosrow Aghaiypour, Zohreh Heidari


The Authenticity of meat products is very important for religious and health reasons in Iran. According to legislation in Iran, the consumption and importation of pork, horse, donkey and cat products should be banned. Therefore, the identification of meat products cannot be judged solely by its appearance. This issue led to the authenticity of bovine, sheep, pig, horse, donkey, chicken and soya (Glycine max) in raw and processed meat products.In this study, specific primers were designed for the identification of pig ( base pair), donkey (325 base pair), chicken (391 base pair), sheep (499 base pair), horse (607 base pair), soya (707 base pair) and bovine (853 base pair) by Polymerase chain reaction. Following PCR, expected,, , 499,,  and  base pair fragments were detectable in pig, donkey, chicken, sheep, horse, soya and bovine, respectively. This protocol can be used for identification of raw and processed meat products in various animal species for replication to regulatory obligations for meat species safety in Iran.


Authenticity; PCR; Meat products; Meat safety; Iran

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